Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm a crazy cat perzon.

Yeah yeah...I've posted about my catz like a million timez before, but whatevz! They're adorablez and the greatest ting en mi vida (yes, I love them even more than Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop-Tarts). Since Shawn and I are little softiez, we couldn't put off naming our three-week old kittenz. We have two peepz that are interested in taking one kitten each. But that still leavez us with three! Pweaze, if you know anyone that is looking for a blindingly adorable cat that will love it and who isn't a potential maniac that will hurt it, let me know!

Well, here is the updated
Greenbaum Farm Kitten Family Album

Daddy Mowgli

Mama Hermanita

Older Brother Baberz

And now, what you've all been waiting for (trust me, you've been waiting for dis)... THE FEARSOME FIVE!

Baby #1: Butterscotch

Baby #2: Mr. Chocolate

Baby #3: Smokester

Baby #4: Reeses

Baby #5: Midnight Angel Man


I am. So now I'll end this entry with a video clip of the happy new family. Of course Mowgli is missing. He used to hate Baberz with a violent passion and though they are close now, I tink he might actually flip multiple shitz if he was to find out that a piñata of new babiez waterfalled outta Hermanita's lady chute. So we're keeping him confined to the first floor in hopez that he doesn't lose his effing kitty mind.

p to da s: Please ignore my vom-inducing voice and uncomfortably abusive commentz...Shawn and I were just going deaf/dumb/blind from looking at that derriciouz kitten brigade.]


Chris D. said...

Very cute. You have reminded me that I should do a post about my mothers cat soon. His name is Cocoa, and we love to snuggle when I visit. :)

Julia said...

i love shawn's monotone voice when he says "oh god they're so adorable..."

by the time i see these little balls of fuzz they better know tricks like fetching the paper and doing my homework (college edition)

hoteltuesday said...

Why must you curse in your vid?
And stop talking to cats. They don't understand you.

And omg Baberz got so big and cute. I think I like Smokester. Some of those names are too cliche like none of Jojo's poetry. Duh.

I wish my landlord let us have cats! I'd snatch one.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Chris: Snurggling wit catz is my downfall. I could do it all day 'n' night and avoid work/family/friendz/responsibilitiez. It's an addiction and I need you PuntaFolkz to take me on Intervention.

Julia: They are gonna be formally trained in kickboxing, ballroom dancing and the international phonetic alphabet.

Enricoz: You ruin my fun with your slapz of reality. They are great namez (cuz I came up with them) and I will call your landlord and force him to watch the video, thusly convincing him to let you make Smokester all yours. And JoJo is my fav poet. SIMPLY. DEEP. [just like K. Rowland]

Laura said...

OH MY GOD. dead. My final is on Monday and then I'm going to murder you and steal your kitties! or just stopping by and giving you Mean Girls. One or the other. Also fix your cat so Bob Barker doesn't come beat your skinny and pretty gringo ass.

Michelle M. said...

Midnight Angel Man - love it.

Too cute.

Adam said...

awww very cute! That pinata waterfalled line make me crack up. And don't believe Enrico, they can understand you!!

Tam said...

OMG!!!! Adorable. I loved how Butterscotch was trying to sit up and almost feel over in the video. They are still at that stage where their heads seem to big for them and they kind of bob around randomly. Very very sweet.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Laura: We are getting her fixed next week. And isn't Bob Barker dead?

Michelle: Midnight Angel Man lovez you too.

Adam: Sure, it might sound funny, but that birthing explosion was no laughing matter. Ew...reaffirmed why I like weinerz!

Tam: I love their disproportionate bodiez and lack of stable equilibrium. I wish they would never grow to be normal!

Jere Keys said...

Oh, sure, it's all cuteness and tumbling now, but soon they'll be stealing your soul while you sleep.

Milo said...

Very very cute! Love cats!

Are you acquainted with Mrs Slocombe’s pussy by any chance...? Watched the tribute programme on TV last night, was good.

john said...

I'm allergic to kitties, but will admit they are pretty cute. Butterscotch and Midnight Angel Man are my favorites.

It kills me how Hermanita keeps avoiding the camera: "Not until I lose this baby weight!"

At 2:24 Smokester looks stoned and is inspecting his hand. And at 2:58 Butterscotch is totally laying the smack down.

Anonymous said...

I caaan't stand how cute they are! Their first venture out into the wide world?! I think if Hermanita could talk..."do you not get the hint, I don't want to be filmed!" temperamental!


that's J-O-S-H said...

Jere Keys: I'm hoping they still my soul. That shit is overrated and ain't worth anyting anyway!

Milo: I HAVE seen that video. HAHAHA. Awesome they could get away with that on television.

John: Butterscotch is a sassy mamacita.

Cindy: If by "wide world" you mean, "the bedroom across the hall from the closet they were born in..."

Christina said...



i want to seeeee them!!!!! bring them to brooklez! we'll have a kitten party.

i seriously hope you arent feeding them.

"mister... mister chac-lateeee?? *dies*"

And love the angel man shout out. My mom will be soooo excited!!!!!

Polt said...

I hate cats, Spawns of Satan one and all...however, these kittens are rather quite.

"a piñata of new babiez waterfalled outta Hermanita's lady chute."

Sassy josh, if I didn't love you already this one single line would have forced me to love you. In fact, I think I fell in love with all over again when I read it.

Lady Chute...BRILLANT! I want that to be my drag name! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh my God, they are just way too cute...and they appear to be getting bored with just lying around. It`s time to get up and boogie!

Mama Gretch
Josh, in reference to the "wide world"...hey you gotta start somewhere, that's why it's called baby[erz] steps! Maybe I'm the crazy cat person, I found that my eyes actually filled up by the end of the video! Something in the way that Hermanita lounged with her kittens, like radar, they went right to her... and then her paw went around one of them, I think that is where I lost it.


Amy said...

PLEASE give me midnight angel man!!!

Melody, Destroyer of Dreams said...

please tell me you named that one Mr. Chocolate after 'Timothy Treadwell's bear' aka wild animal that only tolerated his existence while he was "saving them" from all of the "evils of the world".