Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Top Ten Favz!

So in case you don't know me at all, my two obsessionz are music and maintaining my online rising celebrity status. So therefor it is only fitterz that I would have an unhealthy addiction to online music tracking website Last.FM. I first joined the website when I was starting my sophomore year in college and have been using it to actively catalogue my musical tastez throughout the past four yearz. Well, just last week I reached a landmark of 20,000 playz (Kelly Clarkson's "Cry" was the track to knock my total into this celebratory stratosphere)! To celebrate this accomplishment [that only I care about], I thought I'd take a look @ my top ten artists and analyze their importance in my life (and thus in yours).

#10 - Radiohead (370 plays)

So starting off this countdown of my most played artistz with a band as recognizably applauded as Radiohead doesn't bode too well in me attempting to stand out from the crowd. But whatevz! They're effing incredz and I have many a fond memory of my sister Melody forcing me to listen to OK Computer and having it scare this dumpz outta my middle school ass. That "Fitter Happier" song that is all computer talk haunted my dreamz! Being so robotic, it's a wonder that Carrie Underwood didn't perform it on American Idol. Anywayz, not much can be said about these dudez except that they are musical visionariez that are at the forefront of new and groundbreaking music. Great musix to zone out to (aka my fav sport). Blah blah...yeah they are kinda weird...but anyone intimidated by them needs to effing grow a pair and listen.

Key Trax: "High and Dry" - "Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box" - "How To Disappear Completely"

Fav Album: Amnesiac

#9 - Björk (380 plays)

A year ago I hadn't a single song by Ms. Guðmundsdóttir on my hard drive. But after a spontaneous spending spree at the Princeton Record Exchange and the purchazing of her masterpiece record Homogenic, I'd be hard pressed to find an artist that fudgez with mi cabeza as much as this Icelandic goddess. Folks like to make fun of me and my sudden obsession with Björk, but they can all go eat some chubster's taint, cuz just like Radiohead, she challengez all of us gringos' perception of what definez music. Sure she sometimez sounds like dying animals while other timez sounding possessed ("Ancestors"...CHILLZ!), but she somehow always pulls off her eccentric side without ever seeming desperate or unwarranted. She and I are going to get married and fuck up the stalkarazzi together! Honeymoon!

Key Trax: "Alarm Call" - "Cocoon" - "Earth Intruders"

Fav Album: Homogenic

#8 - Dashboard Confessional (381 plays)

Chris Carrabba was still is my secret lover boyfriend. And I don't mean I've imagined us doing the nasty while wrecking one out...I mean, I actually will listen to his music and pretend he's repeatedly confessing his love for me, or yearning for my armz again to embrace him. It's a sickness I have; one that's been growing since I started listening to them, like eight yearz ago.
His voice is a heavenly tenor that actually gets me feeling pretty solid (if you know what I mean). His honestly poetic lyrics are beautiful and even though he's become a despised poster child for the wrong turn in the journey of "emo music" (seriously, what isn't considered "emo" nowadayz?), I think he's a genius and perfect and talented and very sexxxy sans shirt (feat. umbrellaz). I think to myself...how would I want my ideal life partner to look like? Chris Carrabba is the first and most accurate image that comez to mind. Oh...and I like his music a lot too. BONUS POINTZ!

Key Trax: "Turpentine Chaser" - "Bend and Not Break" - "So Long, So Long (feat. Adam Duritz) "

Fav Album: A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar

#7 - Jack's Mannequin (404 plays)

Probably one of the happiest moments of my life was on February 24th, 2007 when I got to see Jack's Mannequin play @ The Electric Factory in Phillerz. Not only was I right up against the stage and directly in the "fuck-me eyez" peripheralz of the one and only Andrew McMahon, but I was able to snag his personal setlist and meet him afterwardz (please ignore my hair...yes, it's tragic). Though it may not seem serialz based on my writing stylinz' on my blog, I did study creative writing [concentrating on poetry] while I was en la Universidad de Nueva Jersey. Well, I was going through a shitastico bout of da writer's block a few yearz back. And though it is corny as cornycobz can be, seeing this show and meeting this dude really knocked down that wall in my head and I have since become an excellent poet that can do no wrong. Tanx Andy!

Key Trax: "Last Straw" - "MFEO Pt. 2: You Can Breathe" - "Rescued"

Fav Album: Everything In Transit

#6 - Mae (405 plays)

I don't remember too much from my first year of college. Maybe it was due to all the work, or the constant drinking or the never sleeping, but it seems like a huge blur to me. It was probably my greatest year in college and I know it was a blast, but ask me the namez of most of the people I met and I'll draw a blank. Ask me some of the terrible nicknamez I came up for people, well that's another story. But I digress...my point is that one thing that has stuck with me throughout da yearz are some specific bands I discovered during my freshmen year that I still love and have grown to respect as I got older. Mae just happenz ta be one of those groups whose music catalogue constantly found itself echoing through mah headphonez and spinning through my noggin. Back when illegal music downloading was still the coolest ting in the world, I remember using this campus-wide downloading network called Direct Connect to mooch as much free shit as possible off of my peers. That's how I discovered Mae and I have been a better person ever since. Kudos to thievery!

Key Trax: "The Ocean" - "Rocket" - "Tisbury Lane"

Fav Album: The Everglow

#5 - Death Cab For Cutie (428 plays)

Everyone lovez Death Cab For Cutie and everyone alwayz makes sure that their name is listed on their Facebook and MySpace just so any visitorz will know just how hip and progressive a person they are. But ignoring their hype and how every college kid thinks they belong in creative writing workshopz with me, just because they poorly duplicated Ben Gibbard's lyrics while listening to Transatlanticism, they are rather epic in their storytelling and hypnotizingly oucherz in their lyrics. If I was to try and guess how many tears have fallen from my eyez due to excessive Death Cab exposure, I would say that prox Infinity Thousand and a half would be an educated estimate.

Key Trax: "Brothers On a Hotel Bed" - "You Can Do Better Than Me" - "We Looked Like Giants"

Fav Album: Plans

#4 - Panic At the Disco (444 plays)

I for supa dupa serial thought that Panic! At the Disco were gone for eternity. Sure, they won
MTV Video Music Awards and were Pete Wentz's personal flufferz for awhile, but I don't think I was alone in not expecting much from the foursome once their hype finally died down. And I probably would have forgotten about them completely and let them go the way of Lit, SR-71 and Eve 6 if it wasn't for my friend Enricoskatez who from the minute I met him, pretty much berated me for not owning Panic's second disc Pretty.Odd. Well oh boy...when I finally did give it a listen, I didn't stop playing it for monthz on end. It's a complete switcheroo from their earlier work and has a tinge of folky rock that replaces the headache-enducing club thumpingz of their debut.

Key Trax: "Folkin' Around" - "Northern Downpour" - "Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off"

Fav Album: Pretty.Odd

#3 - Kelly Clarkson (523 plays)

Of course Kelly flippin' Clarkson is in my top ten artistz. I played that ho's All I Ever Wanted to the point of exhaustion and appreciated every moment of its candy-coated sugar rush. I think I need a root canal just by listening to the original Idol winner's latest CD. It's pure pop heaven and I get violently angry when I hear that there are some foolish individualz out there who have yet to experience the beauty that is every thing K. Clarkson does. Durhz she was amazing on Idol, but that was back when I hated my life and I didn't watch the first season at all. Everyone has gotten on her case as of late, saying that she's gotten mad gordita and shiz but I pers0nally just think it is the immense amount of talent she has to hold onto to that's making her look plump. That isn't a hamburger she's eating, it's just a giant fatty patty of vocal dexterity. Those aren't french fries she's eating, she's simply snacking on some high notez. She doesn't look like a whale, she lookz ike my idol.

Key Trax:
"I Want You" - "Sober" - "Gone"

Fav Album: All I Ever Wanted

#2 - Elliott Yamin (614 plays)

Before there was Kris Allen, Megan Joy, Syesha!, David Hernandez or any other Idol choloz I became dangerously obzezzered with (save Jennifer Hudson), there was my season five lover, Elliott Yamin. His voice is flawless and Simon even said that he was the greatest male singer on the face of this planet. When he got voted off and that slut Katherine McWhatEva got through along with some old frumpy pepaw that ended up winning the show, I thought I was gonna flip a million shetz and beat some bitchez down. Of course I got his debut CD when it came out and of course I bought his follow-up album when it came out last month. His high status on my Last.FM chart is largely a result to my tendency to play his Idol performancez (always under two minutez) on repeat until I had fully transported myself onto the stage, behind the mic and pretend that I too was talented enough to do anything with my voice other than fuel my own vanitiez with careless daydreamz. But regardless of my shortcomingz, Elliott actually is an incredibly talented vocalist that deserves many albumz sold and many Josh Is Trashy kisses on his cheek.

Key Trax: "Know Better" - "Alright" - "Home [as performed on American Idol]"

Fav Album: Fight For Love

#1 - P!nk (658 plays)

This for deferishonishez should come as no surprise to anyone. My obsession with Alecia Beth Moore started prox a jillion yearz ago when I was wathing The Box, some music channel that was cooler than MTV and not as lame as VH1. I remember seeing a video for some punk-ass rap song called "There You Go" and from then on it's been love. It's a love she is unaware of at the moment, but give it time! She'll fall for my gay ass soon enougherz. Anyway, she crashed a motorcycle through some toolbox's window, then she boxed a bitch, harrassed Santa Claus and strutted herself about in some anti-clothes. Then came the partying, trouble and assumed societal failure when her third album Try This bombed on the charts. I lovez that album, but since America is stupid for serialz, no on else bought it. Then she released her next album, with the middle-finga-straight-up-your ass title track I'm Not Dead. Then came Funhouse which was equally amazing, though a little more darkaroni than her previous albumz. But regardless of what her different albums were like, I have listened to them all and love the diversity and wide musical range carried throughout. The day I meet P!nk is the day I throw myself off a bridge, cuz there is for literalz no other reason to go on. I LOVEZ HER.

Key Trax: "'Cuz I Can" - "God Is a DJ" - "Mean"

Fav Album: I'm Not Dead

Bloggy fanz, what would you say are some of YOUR FAVORITE BANDS? And why!?


Nathan V. said...

You spelled Panic! at the disco wrong. It really isn't the same without the exclamation point!

I laughed when you wrote "wrecking one out." I'm not familiar with the expression, but it seems fitting.

Our musical tastes don't seem to be very similar, but as always, it's fun to read.

Michelle M. said...

I think I'm the opposite of hip and progressive. Try "square" and "ancient." But I do like to listen to Soul Meets Body and Karma Police while I'm enjoying my Werther's Originals.

Christina said...

i agree ooshaloons... Panic!@TD right? Did they drop the mark? If anyone would know, I'm sure it would be you.

Right now I'm pretty into the Ting Tings (yea still) and actually Death cab... the song Cath... (I love that it has an ellipse btw) is my fave.

I'd say I dont even have favorite bands... i have flavors of the week (remember that song?) and nice immediate shout out to the ben folds song feat. reggie spectaclez

hoteltuesday said...

Panic! did officially drop the !. But I don't care! I still use it!!!

My top 10 (on last.fm) are:
10. Tegan and Sara - 289 (Just discovered them last year, but they are SO catchy. And I love their harmonies)
9. Maroon 5 - 291 (Their 2nd cd is pop perfection. And Adam is confident and hot)
8. The Early November - 320 (emo done right - Dashboard should pay attention!)
7. The Weepies - 345 (best harmonies EVER!!! And I love me some harmonies)
6. James Morrison - 366 (sexxxiest voice - everything he sings sounds so good)
5. Maria Mena - 518 (duh. love her lyrics and her honest delivery of them)
4. Fleetwood Mac - 533 (Listened to my first Mac song only MONTHS ago and they're already #4. That's cause they have a million amazing CDs. Stevie Nicks is amazing, obviously)
3. Britney Spears - 537 (duh)
2. Kelly Clarkson - 558 (ha! I like her better than you I guess. And is AIEW really your fave? I might like MD slightly more)
1. Leona Naess - 786 (ah. She's like an adult version of Maria Mena. lol. And lots of her songs make me cry, so she's perfect)

that's J-O-S-H said...

Don't hate on my musical choices! I love Dashboard. And I love Early November.

Polt said...

Radiohead shoulda been number one. OK Computer is obvs their best album, and you really should have listed their key songs as "Creep" "Let Down" "No Suprises" and "Exit Music".

Other than that, it's a fine list. :)

jennifer hudson said...

@ Enricoskatez:

"9. Maroon 5 - 291 (Their 2nd cd is pop perfection. And Adam is confident and hot)"

Adam is confident and hot. Couldn't have put it better myself. As annoyingly played out as Maroon 5 gets (especially by college a cappella groups who aren't also arranging "Rehab"), I love both their first and second albums, because they're both different from each other but good at what they accomplish. The production value on their second is kind of awesome, sonically everything is so crisp, clear and clean. Don't even get me started about how the snare hits in "Wake Up Call" cause me to, in Joshercopterz' own words, wreck one out.

Do you have the bonus track "Figure It Out"? It's AWESOME.

Anyfuck, I'm glad P!nk is number one, because I would totally marry Alecia Moore. (It wouldn't make me a lesbian, since she's a dude (feat. man V)).