Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kittenz Я Us

Ok...before you read this entry and then feel obligated to bombard my life with judgements and reminderz that "OmGawDz! There are ENOUGH kittens in the world that need homez! Why did you let her shit out more babiez! You are so irresponsible and/or dumbz!" let me just say that Shawn and I were nervous about getting her immediately fixed after pumping out Baberz in fear that it might interfere with her ability to nurse his hungry little gob. And even though we got good ole Mowgli's pelotas removed, somehow Mother [Cat] Of the Year, the beautifully elegant Hermanita, has again created more derriciously huggable babies for me to waste hours with. This time, the harlot's stomach was as taunt as the skin of a basketball and I felt for serial that when she burst there would be an ever-flowing kitten fountain erupting from her womb. I was wrong and she only gave to five healthy beautiful babiez last night. Here are some pix of the new additions to the Greenbaum Farmz Cat Colony:

Mommy Hermanita findz her birthing spot and prepares for the expulsion!

Shawn & I find the mother's den and the little newborn kitten-totz.

Kidz! Kidz! There are enough derricious nipz to go around! Single line, single line...

Welcome to this terrible world, new babiez!

And now it's time to cuddle up, be fucking adorable and sleeeeeeepz. So blasting cute I can't breathe!

And of course here is a video of the new happy family. I know it's all "Blaire Witch Project" quality, but Hermanita was totez not leaving that closet yet. There's no sound, but I like to pretend that mommy is begging the babiez to stop suckling so hardxxxcore so she can get some well-deserved sleepzzz.

I hope you are reading this entry and thinking to yourself, "Geebz, I sure am envious of Josh and really wish I could just have Kitten Mania fun too!" Well don't fret my little blogaroniz & cheesez! Shawn & I are unable to care for eight cats and are looking for homez for these bundles of feline perfection. If you live in central Jerzee and aren't crazzzy and would like to meet up to talk about taking one from us...PLEASE let me know!


Tam said...

They are adorable but this time get the snip snip. When a lady cat wants some she will FIND a way. Hope you can find good homes for them all.

that's J-O-S-H said...

we are calling the vet today to find out when is the best time after a birth to get her taken care of.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaah! I can't stand how cute they are! If Jack wasn't so horrible with other cats I would for sure love to have at least one or two and thus become totally obsessed with them!!

I'm going to Princeton today for an interview and I don't think I can fight the temptation to stop by and ogle that adorable bundle!


Ryan said...

I haven't had baby kittens in twenty years. They are so much fun (except for the potty training).

I can't wait until I get out of grad school so that I can have enough money and a big enough apartment for a cat.

john said...

Oy they are cute! That poor mother, I would think giving birth to one would be bad enough, never mind five.

Have you named them yet Josh?

Michelle M. said...

"Welcome to this terrible world" - too funny.

With all those cute kitties to ogle however will you find time to design?
Evil cackle.

belay p!nk said...

Josh, that video is fucking creepy. It looks like you're shooting a snuff film.


Nathan V. said...

mail one to Ontario. It'll be fine, right? Oh well. My roommate really want another kitty, but we might be able to find one a little closer to home. I want a bundle of kitteny joy!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Oh they are soooo tiny!! Oh, and cute :)


that's J-O-S-H said...

Cindy: Tanx for stopping by and wasting an hour staring @ the babiez with me.

Ryan: If I had a huge apartment all to myself, I would fill every empty square foot with adorable kittenz. It would get messy & smell bad...but it's fine as long as I can sleep under a sheet of live kittenz.

John: I haven't named them yet! We are scared that if we name them, then we'll get attached and not be able to give them away.

Michelle: Har har, miss Ma'am. I actually just finished my design, you devilish dahlin'! Don't worry...I don't know if I've redeemed myself from "losing" last week and I don't know what to do to make it better! Oh well...maybe staring @ the Fabulous Five (my nickname for my kitten corrale) will inspire me a bit.

Belay P!nk: It wouldn't be a snuff film cuz you aren't there being hunted down by me while wearing pastiez and a blood red thong.

Nathan: I'm not sure of the Postal Service's guidelines on long-distance feline carrying. I'll research it! :)

Dorky: Tiny = adorz.

Adam said...

Awwww so cute! If I didn't already have a monster of my own, I might take you up on the offer! :)

Chris D. said...

The momma cat looks very elegant. Very cute kittens. They remind me of when we got our first kitten. He was so small and fragile that I was really worried about him. My sister and I used to take turns letting him snuggle on our stomachs as we watched TV and he purred contentedly. Those were happy moments that I still treasure. :)

Enjoy your kittens, and good luck placing them. Let me know if you would like me to put the word out at the NJ Pride Center.

Polt said...

Okay, I'm sorry to go against the wave here, but cats are all spawns of Satan you know? All demon seed, I tell you. And yeah, I DO have to admit, they're cute now, but the problems is kittens grow up into cats.

Still, glad you enjoy them, and glad to know all of them, and mama, are healthy and doing fine.

Course, with that many cats living with you, you'll never survive the Catpocalyse when it comes. Just like zombies taking over the earth, 'cept it'll be cats. And it'll just be me, some scared screaming blonde chick, a black guy with an attitude, a plucky kid with spunk, and old guy and a nun to fight our way to freedom!

But we'll remember you, josh, with a toast, once we've escaped. :)


Jere Keys said...

I'm more or less of the same opinion as Polt, only without the nun... my Catpocalyse includes the scientist who warned us even though we just wouldn't listen, but he's the only one who can come up with an antidote.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Adam: Maybe your monsta wantz a friend!

Chris: Soundz corny, but I love coming home from work each day to seeing all of our catz waiting for me to come home.

Polt: The evil Satan thing...that's why I like them!

Jere: And he is unexpectedly killed off mere momentz before he's about to reveal the secret to survival, leaving our frantic cast of characterz to figure out what he was gonna say before being offed.

Anonymous said...

It's never wasted time! I loved stopping by; please be sure to thank Shawn for taking time to show me around his awsome garden and we're still enjoying the fresh greens! See ya!

By the way did your candy wrapper dress (with the charming splash of Starburst wrappers if I might add) make the cut?