Thursday, June 18, 2009

I was just in the kitchen admiring your collection of ceramic toads.

Being that I have to take an hora y media bus trip to and from Nueva three dayz a week, I've for def def def been catching up on my readings. Within the past month I've read two books during this commuter time and one I lovez and the other...I err...I couldn't read more than three pages @ once without falling asleep and dreaming of more interesting thingz, like watching toast burn or using a vacuum. But let me start with the book I adored!

Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

David Sedaris is an idol of mine whose sarcastic and dry wit is something that helped inspire me starting my blog over a year ago! His short storiez based on his own life are highly entertaining and for totez gives me the courage to write whateva the shiz I want to without fear of it coming across sounding too crazy (aka what goez on inside my cabeza). This book is arguably his most well-known and was recommended to me by prox twelve separate peepz three years ago. I finally got around to reading it and I was largely satisfied. A good chunk of the stories are about his transition to living in Europe and how difficult the language barrier was for him. I related greatly, just in my own Spanish-to-English struggles and lessons from working at a restaurant with a high population of Guatemalanz (aka 6). My fav line in the book was about this very topic:

"I went from speaking like an evil baby to speaking like a hillbilly."

I've also read two of his other books, Naked and When You Are Engulfed in Flames, and I know that when I finish his other two remaining libroz, I am gonna cry forevz cuz I will want more and more funny anecdotal storiez that make my life seem a little less effed up while making me laugh my taint off, thus irritating my fellow bus passengerz.

LOOK! Even little Baberz lovez this book! And he can't read/is a cat!

The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

Yawn! ZZZZZZZ! SleepCity, here I come! So with all due respect to my wonderful friend Justin who lent this book to me, I couldn't stand this pretentiouz malarkey of fake theoriez and shabby storytelling. Basically this book is about some dude that goez to Peru to research this ancient scroll that is composed of nine "insights" or lessons about life. He goes out searching for the last chapter with a bunch of expendable and two-dimensional characterz while the government/religious right do all they can to try and stop them. Yes, it does sound like the plot for the next Indiana Jones movie. Apparently it's one of the greatest selling bookz ever or some crap, but I just can't see how it can be read and not criticized for its blatantly poor writing.

Now to the author's credit, the theories James Redfield has come up with about life are actually quite interesting. They are all about those floaty idearz that each of us has a purpose in this world and that there are no "coincidences" or "accidents" and that everything happens for a reason. Yadda yadda. Let me light some incense and get in my fav yoga pose. But serial, his ideas are well-thought out and probably would have made for a great sociology thesis or scholarly study. But for some unfortunate reason or another, he decided that it would be best to cram his theoriez into a weakly written narrative that has terrible dialogue, uninteresting characters, clunky cliche descriptions and overall, just a lackluster scope of storytelling. I refuse to give up on bookz once I start dem, so I had to suffer myself through it. I did and boy was I glad when it was over. Oh, and just in case you think I am being cruel, take a look at the TRAILER for the film adaptation (aka huge dud) and tell me that it doesn't reek of suxxorcopters.

Up next is Chuck Palahniuk's Snuff. Shameless sex and violence! Huzzahz!


hoteltuesday said...

I love the 'snorefest' photoshopped cover. Funny!!
I read Everything is Illuminated this summer (Jess always talks about it!) and thought it was great. Hurray for magical realism!
I'm currently reading Setting Free the Bears by John Irving. I LOVE Irving and decided to read his first ever book... Yeah, he's grown A LOT as a writer!

Michelle M. said...

I couldn't even watch the whole trailer. It needs zombies.

that's J-O-S-H said...

Enricoz: I remember when we first met that you were about to start the Cider House Rulez. You love him. And I read "Everything Is Illuminated" in Juda's Contemporary Lit class... too enjoyed it very much! The movie came out when we were reading it and we spent an entire class bitching about how bad it probably was in comparison to the book. Haha...we were all such pretentious douchez.

Michelle: Or some gratuitous sex to counteract the shameless INsPirATiOn that is being forced down our gargantaz.

Christina said...

Sorry ya'll -- I couldnt make it through Everything is Illuminated. I need an easy read for my go-stop-go-stop commute and kept losing track of what was going on or whos point of view it was from. Interesting book but too complicated for a simpleton like myself.

Anyway, if David Sedaris wasnt gay and didnt have a strange voice I would marry him.

side note: my "word verification" word is: bellyho

that's J-O-S-H said...

Hmmm...BellyHo...seems like a nickname that would befall Rhonetta. Lovez it!

hoteltuesday said...

Cider House was one of my fave Irving books! You should read all his books. (And you should start with A Prayer for Owen Meany. It's AMAZING.)
And I hear the movie isn't bad! Juda told me it was good last time we spoke! Did you know he has a niño now??

that's J-O-S-H said...

He has a baby?!?! Exciting! I want a child. And by "want a child" I mean "want a child only on Father's day so I get taken out for Sunday brunch as opposed to having to SERVE Sunday brunch."

lisa leuschner said...

"They are all about those floaty idearz that each of us has a purpose in this world and that there are no "coincidences" or "accidents" and that everything happens for a reason."

Uh, isn't that the exact moral of Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist, a book they put on our summer reading list in high school?! It's a shame, I liked that book, and Wiki tells me it's a classic/has been translated in a bazillion languages.