Monday, May 18, 2009

The Kitten-Kat Factory

I've come to accept it. I know there is nothing I can do about it. I have succumb to this realization and am secure enough in mahself to live with this cold, hard fact: people would rather read about my kittens than about me. Considering how my most popular post so far was one compiled mainly of pix of the Hermanita/Mowgli/Baberz family, I have deduced that more people would rather see my feline children (and grandchild) than read anything about my stinky gringo ass. Can't blame y'all though! I like catz more than peepz too! So to give in to the masses in hopes that it further bolsters my popularity (through the exploitation of my pets), here is an update to the Greenbaum Farms feline photo album.

Baberz has taken after his bookworm Grandaddy & is already an avid reader.

Mommy & Baberz chillax like lazzzy puta cats out on the front lawn.

Mowgli stalks his dinna to prove that he doesn't need pelotaz to be a man.

Baberz is terrified of the entire world. Frrealz.

Here is a cute pic of Hermanita ruined by my blinding neck folds. Yikez!

My eyez for literalz exploded after looking @ this picture.

Brangelina: the Kitten-Kat Remix

That ho Suri has NOTHING on Baberz.

Dunzo & time for sweeeeeet dreamz (feat. sexxxy lady gatos).

And [duh] here are 2 videos...

Baberz is hyped up on crack and hauling ass and climbing shiz.

Babababababerz looks on as mommy y daddy make-out. Geez...give them some privacy.

Well...I hope you are all blind and dead now after witnessing the godly beauty that emanates from my kittens.


Christina said...


^^my body bits are all over my office

lisa leuschner said...

I just threw up from cuteness at that last video . . . and then you randomly run away from the door like someone just caught you jerking off - what the hell was that? BELAY TEAM!