Friday, May 1, 2009

Buy me these ballz.

No...this isn't a weapon of mass destruction, and no, I am not a terrorist (unless it's against Renée Zellweger's mashed potato-filled pillowcase face). This wonderful thing is a Beer Ball (or a Liver Bomb as I will now call them) and if any of you prostiwhorez out there love me, buy me a 12-pack of them filled with Yuengling, ASAP. Baby boi needz to get his drank on. Now, even though this pic clearly shows this beverage grenade filled with orange juice or some other kind of healthy shiz, don't be fooled. My dear friend Amy informs me that these can be purchased con alcohol at any cool liquor store. So bust out your wallet and buy your fav lush blogger some bubbles of booze.

Here is the enlightening conversation where I learned of these wonderz' existence:

Amy: i got soooooooooooooo drrrrunk city last night.
Josh: omg. me too. aka last friday.
Amy: well last we got beer balls.
Josh: WHAT?!?! those sound derricious!
Amy: balls are like little kegs, but ball-shaped.
Josh: omg yumz
Amy: so we put one on the table and did ball stands. we had 4 of those. 55 beers each. so, 220 beers? oh shit. we nearly finished all 4.

And that last comment, ladiez and whorebagz, is why I love Amy.


Anonymous said...

FKDJSFKDJS the pic didn't work on UMaine's supposedly state-of-the-art large screened Mac computer (i dont know if they really claim to be "state-of-the-art" but they do look pretty pretentious).

AMY said...

OK and i said

Amy: i got soooooooo



drrrrunk city last night

so you misquoted me. I'll let it slide as i suppose a lot of those "o's" were slightly unnecessary. I'm guessing you get it.

Anonymous said...

So the fantastical thing about beer balls is that you can dispose of them yourself (unlike a keg, which you have to return or whatevs) and they are round and roll places! Sorta. AND if you do a "ball-stand", the beer comes out faster than a keg typically does so you end up CHILUGGGINGGG tons. (that means chugging, btw)

amy said...

ok and lastly, they dont HAVE yuengling in Maine! (did you know Yuengling is America's oldest brewery? Read that in my campus newspaper!) We gots bud light :/

that's J-O-S-H said...

not even rolling rock or michelob?! i can drink that shit apple juice...and you effing know i LOVE jugo de manzana.

p!nk said...

How the fuck did you get through college without encountering a beer ball? My friend once got a bloody hand from punching through one 'cause he was too fucking impatient to make the tap work and he wanted beer.

Anonymous said...

Orange juice? That is, like, curdled jizzshake.

that's J-O-S-H said...

absolutely yumz!