Thursday, April 30, 2009

Oink, oink. You're dead.

So because my sister is an insensitive biatch just like her sexy (aka thin) baby brother, she sent me this wonderful card via mah emailz. What a devilish delight! Sure, Swine Flu is mad lamerskatez and killing people and it sucks muchas pelotas de perros feos, but I can't help but laugh @ the defamation of childhood endearments. I never liked Piglet anyway. And now the dumb twat is destroying the entire planet or something. All I know is that I'm getting secondz of my artery clogging bacon strips when I go out to brunch this weekend, just to teach those damn bitchez a lesson. Sure your disease can kill me, but fuck you, I'm eating your parents.

Oh, and Miss Piggy and Babe and that annoying sow from "Charlotte's Web" (ha, your spider friend is dead) can all go eat a sweaty plate of urine soaked Fergie spatch. Boo. Pigz suck. Anyone up for some guanciale?

PS. THIS PICTURE freaks the jizzjam out outta me. I feel like in prox two seconds I'm going to be murdered and raped. In that order. Once again, -3 points to pigs.

Fry those prosciutto pork-asses up!


p!nk said...

the top picture didn't load? so i can't see what an insensitive hilarious thin bitch MEL (feat. kelly clarkson) is.

(p.s. the word verification for this was "trannyce", kind of like a mix between tranny and trenyce, our fave second season american idol contestant)

that's J-O-S-H said...

(feat. tiara purifoy [aka debra wilson meetz niecy nash])?!

guess who! said...

HAHAHAHA that picture is awesome. and i wish i liked bacon so i could devourrrr some of dat. i do like canadian bacon ... and PORK ROLL!