Saturday, September 27, 2008


Somehow in the past week, bees have slowly begun to invade my life. Though my window is closed tight, they keep on somehow getting into my room and then proceed to annoy the hell out of me by repeatedly flying into the windows over and over and over again. This has to be some sort of psychological torture...they never stop! I'm going mad! They want me dead!

Friday, September 26, 2008

A Fish in a Tiny Fishbowl

No one can drive. I have reached this conclusion upon heading to and from the Mercer Mall strip-mall by my house. Due to car problems, Kevin's beloved vehicle is currently under extreme maintenance, resulting in me being a wonderfully dutiful companion and giving him rides to and from work everyday. Well, thanks to Facebook, it came to my attention that yesterday was free Coldstone Ice Cream. Now, never being one to pass up free anything, as soon as I picked up Mr. Kevin from work we headed straight to the Coldstone that is located in the aforementioned strip-mall. It was in the parking lot of this mall that I discovered how incredibly inept people are at driving. A lady in a soccer mom-mobile more or less was unknowingly stalking me around the parking lot, pulling in front of me and not using her indicator and in general just pissing the heck outta me. Her, along with the dozens of other insane drivers who pull out of spots without looking and who, for some godforsaken reason, don't pull over to the side of the road when I'm around so I don't have to deal with them, littered this parking lot giving me at least three separate panic attacks.

After delicious ice cream, we ate at Chevy's, were stared down by three overly groomed pseudo-punk rocking gays and then waited 20 minutes to get our check delivered to our table. We then stopped by a shoe warehouse where I let myself slip into a pool of depression over a) how fucking beautiful the shoes are, b) how expensive they all are, and c) how I don't have the expendable income to waste on them. Frowns all around.

I am starting to get indescribably frustrated with how impossible job-hunting is and how more or less worthless turned out to be. I made an appointment with the career services office of my alma mater (that feels so weird to say) in hopes that they will be able to teach me the secret to getting a job, which I so obviously lack. I feel slightly restrained in this routine I am in now and am in great need of a career or something like that to get myself motivated.

The swollen balloon that is my angst for the job market feels a little de-stressed after writing this entry, so I will now get started on my writing portfolio.

I'm leaving you with the cover of a magazine I saw that made me :).

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Appearances can be...deceptive.

I saw Burn After Reading two days ago, and may I just say that it is one of the best movies I have seen in a long, long time. With my love of No Country for Old Men and me being impressed by this film, I am kinda interested in looking into the other films directed by the Coen brothers. I am always impressed by films/books that are able to introduce a large quantity of unique characters and successfully develop and link them all to one another. Both disturbing and incredibly funny, I would highly recommend this film. I also saw The House Bunny last week, and that too was entertaining...goofy and kind of dumb, but still fun to watch. It's about time I saw some decent films, considering all the other crap I suffered through this summer.

Also, I made some derrrrricious basil pesto yesterday... the secret is not too much olive oil and be generous with salt. Absolutely YUMS!

Kevin and I went to the Salivor Dali exhibit at the MoMA in New York and it kicked major ass. It started to break down my current case of writer's block and I think if I look at some more of his stuff I'll be able to pull myself out of this self-obsessed mediocre writing slump I feel trapped in. I've been writing, but it's all been kind of sappy and self-centered pieces that feel too drenched in self-loathing and confessing to be anything worth sharing or following-up with.

I more or less am taking a leave of absence from Sweeney Todd...I found it to be somewhat interesting at first, but ultimately it began very dry and taxing on my patience. So while I put that book to rest (for the moment) I am now reading The Book of Salt by Monique Truong. Now this book I am totally digging. Fun characters and an intriguing perspective...LOVES IT!

That's all for now.

Friday, September 5, 2008

I learned a few things in Atlantic City...

I spent this past weekend in Atlantic City with some friends and being as it was my first time there ever, I learned a few very important things. I will disclose these ten wise proclamations now:

1. Getting there is never fun and always takes way too long, no matter where you are coming from.

2. Drinks are way overpriced, but you're forced to pay because duh, it's Atlantic City and duh, you 're supposed to get drunk.

3. Don't forget to bring some nice dress clothes and shoes...if you don't you'll be denied from all the sexy clubs and will be forced to drink yourself into a stupor while suffering through Bon Jovi karaoke.

4. There are always, at anytime in your line of vision, at least 5 trashy girls wearing clothes that do not/have not/never will fit them correctly and 3 overly muscled, meat-head guidos ready and raring to call you a "Faggot."

5. Watching Pay It Forward in your hotel room is in no way an appropriate precursor to heavy drinking.

6. If you are not permanently attached to a breathing machine or are in a coffin, you will undoubtedly be stopped and asked for I.D. no less than 30 times while in the casinos.

7. "American Girl" is the most played-out bar song in the entire world, and only slutty 20-something girls and drunk 50-something moms get excited for it.

8. Sad old men sell ice cream out of large boxes strapped onto their ancient Egyptians, only instead of working themselves to exhaustion building the pyramids, they're handing out cool treats to beach-goers.

9. Boardwalk funnel cakes that have grown soggy due to berry toppings & gelatinous sauces can be both irresistibly tempting and shockingly sacrilegious at the same time.

10. If you ride in one of those slave-driving pushcarts down the boardwalk, you will, without fail, look like a DOUCHE.

Keep these commandments in mind, and you will have a great time. Hell, I didn't and I still had a blast.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Search Continues...

I just joined and I hope it will further advance my up-to-this-point futile attempt to find a job. I don't think I can be a waiter for much is literally driving me mad.