Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sore Throat

I've created about five of these online journals/blogs but I think that with my recent graduation from college, that I should start anew. I am 22 years old and currently have the worst sore throat in the history of the world ever. Project Runway is on TV right now and I can't help but laugh every time Christian Sariano says anything.

Hmm...about me? I am an aspiring writer, which sounds so incredibly cliché and goofy but it's true. I currently live in Ewing, NJ (aka Trenton Jr.) but only for two more days as I am moving to Hopewell. I'm moving in with a co-worker of mine at the restaurant I serve at. He lives in this old farm house that's set back in the woods and is absolutely beautiful. I am hoping that this immersion into nature will create an environment conducive to breaking down any walls of writer's block and prompting limitless inspiration.

Right now, I think I should lay down in hopes that my throat will become less of a swollen mess if I get some rest.